Domestic Abuse and Lockdown #COVID19 #spokenwordpoetry #MadCovidDiaries #YouAreNotAlone

I remember how it felt,

As an adult afraid of my own home

Not knowing if there will be any light at the end of the tunnel.

Sitting trapped in darkness all on my own

The abuser was my father,

As an adult and as a little girl.

Both experiences different,

But existing in the same world.

I wasn’t heard.

I screamed but nobody came running.

Nobody was coming

But the pain was absolutely crushing.

I couldn’t escape because I was paralysed with fear,

An end to the nightmare never felt near

It went on for years.

But hope eventually came.

The abuse – I realised was definitely abuse.

I called it by it’s name

I said it out loud

He’s abusing me.

The words felt tinted with shame,

But I told myself again and again,

To call this by it’s name.

He’s abusing me.

The first step for me was to realise this truth.

It was a giant leap forward

In a world full of victim blamers.

I didn’t think I’d be believed

But when I was, I felt relieved

Yes, there were those who cried, “Just leave!”

I say at best, that’s just naïve.

They don’t realise the reality

of Lockdown.

Lockdown. How it felt at the time.

A prisoner in my own home and in my own mind.

But with time I grew stronger.

I was constantly in fear of him,

But I couldn’t do it any longer.

There was a possible way out.

At a time when I was really struggling to cope,

Out came that little bit of hope

It was time that I spoke


Speaking out was hard, but a friend helped me through.

No pressure to leave or report to the police,

Just an offer of a listening ear over a decent brew.

His grip on me was lessening.

To be honest, I think he knew.

And maybe I did too?

By no means was it easy,

I’ll not pretend that it was.

It wasn’t a case of reaching out one day,

Then “free” the next.

It was a slow process.

When an abuser senses you breaking free,

Their grip on you tightens.

Your sense of fear is heightened.

You are frightened.


But the abuser is frightened more,

Because he doesn’t have control over you any more.

Lockdown – how it felt in my mind.

But now we have stepped in to even scarier times,

Where Lockdown isn’t a metaphor for how being abused feels,

But a reality for everyone,

Despite it feeling unreal.


This ordeal

Must be so much harder with Covid-19 in the air.

It must feel so unfair.


Making it harder to trust yourself

And how you feel.

Making it harder to accept that the abuse is real,

Despite them relishing in the opportunities to make you suffer more.

It’s a pain unlike before,

More intense.

Each incident scarring your mind,

One after another after another after another…

Spreading lies to you

About how it’s all your fault.

It’s not your fault.

And there are people out here who get it.

We can’t relate to how much worse it must feel

To go through this ordeal

during lockdown.

But what we can do

Is tell you that we care.

We believe you.

Please hang in there.

The myths surrounding abuse still exist,

The government are telling us to look out for our neighbours

To listen out

And to report if they hear something.

But abusers don’t always scream and shout

And there are people who get that.

Abusers calculate

They manipulate

They isolate

They aggravate

But it’s never too late

To put yourself first

Abusers are tactical

In the ways they convince you to stay indoors.

They might make you feel like the danger is


But your own safety matters so much more.

We might all be in Lockdown,

With this killer virus taking lives,

But you have the right to survive this

To escape this

And explore a life away from that Hell

We believe you

Whether coercive control

Is ripping in to your soul,

Or physical abuse

Is leaving you bruised.

No matter what the abuse,

No matter when it started

No matter who is the abuser

Even if they’re a “key worker”

We believe you

Published by The Diaries of Donna

•Warrior Woman•

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