To Be a Mother (originally written in 2018)

To be a mother, Is to have my soul opened up to a world of wonderful changes. Unconditional love, Innocence and beauty, A reflection of my soul and the soul of my beloved. To be a mother, Is to know that, If at first my world does not feel wonderful, Or I am left wonderingContinue reading “To Be a Mother (originally written in 2018)”

There Are Times (originally written in 2018)

There are times, Often late at night, When I sit up and look over at my beautiful sleeping baby, resting peacefully in his cot. I feel the warmth in my heart, As if I were sunbathing on a beach, And I feel the waves of unconditional love, As if they were splashing against my body.Continue reading “There Are Times (originally written in 2018)”

Confidentiality in the NHS: Exactly how many professionals have had access to my Mental Health Medical Records?

Following on from the several threads I have made on Twitter regarding confidentiality in NHS Mental Health services, I have decided to write a blog post highlighting exactly how far my personal information, including childhood sexual abuse disclosures, have travelled across several services within the NHS, and also outside of the NHS. These numbers includeContinue reading “Confidentiality in the NHS: Exactly how many professionals have had access to my Mental Health Medical Records?”

Some spoken word poetry about Team Formulation.

There’s no “I” in Team. Go look at my Formulation and you’ll soon know what I mean. They say it’s routine to rewrite my history in a way I could not have foreseen. It’s obscene, And quite frankly, they should know better. They wish to place emphasis on what happened Whilst at the same timeContinue reading “Some spoken word poetry about Team Formulation.”

First blog post – Some spoken word poetry in written form.

I’ve decided to start a new blog so that I can keep copies of my writing all in one place. I often prefer to write twitter threads or poetry, rather than a big blog post, because I’m busy looking after my two beautiful babies. So sometimes I will just copy a thread or poem inContinue reading “First blog post – Some spoken word poetry in written form.”

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