Here in this Village of Mums. #spokenwordpoetry #maternalMHMatters

Being a mummy can be tough. We often feel like we’re not good enough. But it’s OK to be honest about this stuff because we are not alone. It’s hard when the baby cries, And she doesn’t stop until you hand her to someone else. When you get that look in your eyes, Scouring theContinue reading “Here in this Village of Mums. #spokenwordpoetry #maternalMHMatters”

Post Partum Psychosis: In My Own Words.

Post Partum Psychosis is something that I struggled with after the birth of both of my babies. I felt unable to write properly about my first experience with this cruel illness, despite having different opportunities to do so. The words just wouldn’t come, which is unusual for me as I often find writing to beContinue reading “Post Partum Psychosis: In My Own Words.”

To Be a Mother (originally written in 2018)

To be a mother, Is to have my soul opened up to a world of wonderful changes. Unconditional love, Innocence and beauty, A reflection of my soul and the soul of my beloved. To be a mother, Is to know that, If at first my world does not feel wonderful, Or I am left wonderingContinue reading “To Be a Mother (originally written in 2018)”

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