To Be a Mother (originally written in 2018)

To be a mother, Is to have my soul opened up to a world of wonderful changes. Unconditional love, Innocence and beauty, A reflection of my soul and the soul of my beloved. To be a mother, Is to know that, If at first my world does not feel wonderful, Or I am left wonderingContinue reading “To Be a Mother (originally written in 2018)”

There Are Times (originally written in 2018)

There are times, Often late at night, When I sit up and look over at my beautiful sleeping baby, resting peacefully in his cot. I feel the warmth in my heart, As if I were sunbathing on a beach, And I feel the waves of unconditional love, As if they were splashing against my body.Continue reading “There Are Times (originally written in 2018)”

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